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Content-A-Day:  We’re Big on Little !

In 1870, the writer and philosopher, George Gissing, had the following to say about those tasteless people who were so quickly captivated by society’s brand new literary art form, the Newspaper:

“Bits of foolery, bits of statistics, bits of jokes, everything for them must be bits. Their attention cannot sustain itself. Even chat is too solid; it must be chit-chat!”

We can only imagine George’s would-be disdain upon the advent of the magazine, the email, and ultimately the cell phone: the final frontier for the brief-of-brain. Okay, maybe it’s tied with the bumper sticker-- but I swear my new Motorola is almost as thin.

Regardless, it seems that no matter how much things change in art and media, one thing has stayed the same. Humanity’s shrinking attention span… and the need to capitalize on it.

One way to capitalize on people’s need for frivolity, fun and nibblet-sized brain food is to include a sensible sprinkling amid your own publishing output. Want to make your web site more sticky or add value to your cell phone services and subscriptions? Try incorporating an updated daily content package that includes themed text content or branded cartoons, insightful horoscopes, or thoughtful kicks in the pants by qualified gurus.

Research shows that positive emotional experiences is the thing that creates more sustaining customer satisfaction than anything. And if you can’t sell somebody that gizmo that they want and do it everyday, why not give them something that they can enjoy everyday? Something that will quietly and consistently enhance your brand and the general appeal of your site or service.

Here at Content-A-Day, we’ll design a simple, cost-effective way for you to capitalize on the widening epidemic of shrinkage, using high quality “bits” that your customers will look forward to, every day.

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