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Daily Content from C-a-D as a Branding Device.

Featuring exciting daily content on your web page may be obvious as a means of generating traffic, but daily content is also a way to brand your company.

Branding your company is the process of building an “emotional profile” of your company signifying your customers’ feelings and impressions concerning you. It is the implied “personhood” of your company and to your customers, it is actually more important than facts and figures—just ask any successful advertiser today.

As a kid, do you remember when car commercials would come on and they’d rattle off a laundry list of all the superior features, hoping to out-feature the other guy? These days, the actual facts surrounding the vehicle have become the burden of the consumer via web sites or consumer reviews. Companies have realized that it’s a better investment to increase the positive emotional associations with the product using images, music, cinematics, which in turn, lend toward creating the brand, and a more enjoyable impression.

Now let’s discuss your own brand for a minute. What kind of impression does your company give? Inventive? Whimsical? A life jacket? A friendly little cache of genius? A support group? Easy peasy? More importantly, are you doing things to proactively shape that impression?

Naturally, logos, slogans and product lines will help define these things. But one of the most efficient and reliable ways to brand your company shy of a multi-million dollar ad campaign, is to do it passively, quietly, day in and day out, with your content. In effect, it’s a way to become friends with your user base.

Unfortunately, if your company is featuring the same literary pablum and faux insights as everyone else, you are already branding your company in ways that you perhaps don’t realize. At best, you’ll be perceived as an “sound alternate choice.” And at worst, a “copycat.”

But whether you are an innovator or a me-too, one of the surefire ways to keep your site emotionally appealing is to feature short-form daily content that either edifies, educates or entertains in ways that perhaps the competition does not. Perhaps add a short advice column. A uniquely-styled horoscope. A fun daily comic. Or a thoughtful quote from an expert, a celebrity, or an author that might be pertinent to your business or audience.

At Content-A-Day we are busy building our own brand, by giving you access to fresh spins on traditional daily content, with many available to you as an exclusive license. If you envision becoming a better brander of your business, we can definitely help. Allow us to create a unique daily content package for you that will create a friendlier face for your company, create more pull, and help you retain customers in the long run. Contact us for a free consultation and a preview of our products and services.

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