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It is a common practice these days to load one’s site with “informative articles” that pertain to a relevant subject. These articles can boost traffic as the site’s rankings are improved on the various search engines, therefore encouraging new traffic.

Naturally, advertising is also a way of increasing your site’s traffic. But the truth is, you may be missing out on another item in your arsenal which may be even more effective and more economical for certain kinds of businesses: daily content.

If your company is one of the fortunate few who has crossed the bridge from start-up to going concern, the fact is that customer retention is more important for building your brand identity than acquiring brand new customers. And in most cases, it is many times cheaper.

Currently, there are some useful figures being tossed around in the board rooms of Madison Avenue. For example, a typical website has roughly a 1-in-12 chance at converting a pre-qualified lead into a first time sale. For a sale of equal value to a previous customer, your chances skyrocket to 1-in-4. Even for a lost customer whom you’ve estranged, the chances are still roughly 1-in-5 once amends are made. So, even in the worst case, the figures are showing that retention is still more than twice as effective in turning clicks into dollars than acquisition.

In summary, depending upon the stage of your business, more isn’t as good as deep. And once you’re learned that lesson, it’s time to begin crafting a strategy for increased customer retention.

Of course, there are lots of ways to increase customer retention, not the least of these being excellent customer service, featuring good products, and sporting an elegant, easy-to-use web site. All of these lend to a positive emotional experience. And yet, dollar-for-dollar, nothing has more value than well-chosen, daily updated content; it yields a sense of fun, a sense of purpose, and a general feeling that “browsing this site is a positive experience for me.”

If you would like to discover new ways to increase your customer retention and build your business more efficiently than you are currently doing, speak to a Content-A-Day representative about our themed, relevant, and fun website enhancements.

Contact an agent for a free consultation on how to best craft a plug-n-play package to suit your brand, entertain your customers/visitors, and most importantly, help you retain them.

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