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Themed Content from C-a-D: Create an Audience.

Internet advertising is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: To drive traffic to your web site. But besides burning hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars doing link swaps, sponsorships, banner placements, etc., is there another way to draw traffic to your site? The simple answer is yes, through well-chosen, short-form, daily updated content-- especially content that is themed, purposeful, syndicated, or has a brand identity of its own.

When daily content is themed (such as quotes from famous novelists) or syndicated (like a Peanuts comic), it begins to attract its own audience. And when chosen carefully, an audience that surrounds your uniquely themed cartoon, quote, or trivia item is an audience for your entire business, and one of the best branding opportunities there are. There are very few companies who don’t want their brand associated with words like fun, purpose, or relevance… all of which can be achieved with strategically selected daily content.

When deciding if a daily content addition is right for your site, ask yourself two things: What kind of demographic or personality am I trying to appeal to specifically? And what kind of brand identity am I trying to create for my company?

When you feel you have a solid answer to these questions, consult with your Content-A-Day agent, and he or she will create a custom package for you that will feature something thematic and relevant to your company and its marketing objectives. Not to mention add a sparkle of fun to your existing brand identity!

The bottom line is that we’re about the bottom line. Content-A-Day has begun working with talented writers and cartoonists in several uniquely themed categories, which can help you improve your bottom line by enhancing customer acquisition and by boosting customer retention. Please contact us for a free consultation and a preview of the ways we can help build you an audience.

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