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The importance of Updated Content in page Design:

As you will see at the end of this article, having freshly update content on your page, helps boosts your appeal to search engines. Here are other tips on how to properly validate your pages.

Proper validation is essential. It will help you find errors that you may not otherwise see, helps browsers to be cross compatible, and some search engines penalize if you are not validated. Read More.

Use ICRA Pics Labels

ICRA uses pics labels to identify your site as safe. Some parents block sites without icra labels and some search engines do not accept websites without icra labels. Read More.

Effective Titles

Titles are probably the most important part of identifying your content properly to the search engines. Good titles tell what the article is about, use a keyword, provide a clear benefit and encourage the reader to continue reading. Read More.

Proper Keyword Tags

Proper Keyword choices are absolutely critical. If you are targeting the wrong audience, you will have markedly less traffic. Always try to use a phrase instead of a single word. And each page should target a specific phrase, don't try to make one page have every keyword on it. Read More.

Proper Descriptions

Descriptions are very useful, especially for framed sites, flash, and sites that do not have much text content. Read More.

Remove Javascript to External Files

Javascript is great, and even though some people disable it, it can make your webpage be interactive, or make things easier for your users. You should move your javascript functions outside of the document though, and link them externally. This way, search engines won't count your javascript code as part of the html keyword count. Read More.

Remove CSS to External Files

CSS is great. It allows you to change the appearance of your site easily, reduces file size and helps with search engines. You should move your javascript functions outside of the document though, and link them externally. This way, search engines won't count your css code as part of the html keyword count. Read More.

Don't Spam or Trick Search Engines

You may be able to fool some of the search engines, some of the time, but eventually you'll get banned. It is best to not try to trick search engines. Some people make common mistakes on accident though, like not having unique titles for every page in their website. Read More.

Link in and Out of Your Page

If you spent 8 hours a day for a month getting links to your site, by the end of the month you would probably have about 15,000 unique visitors coming every month. Link Trading is THAT effective. Link trading is also time consuming though, and most people do not know how to do it effectively. Read More.

Keywords In Links and Filenames

One place to put more keywords that search engines actually appreciate is in the file names and link names. This helps humans as well as search engines. Read More.

Alt Tags In Images

Images can help your search engine traffic, but you need to use them effectively. Name your pictures to match their content, and use keywords and phrases in your alt text. Read More.

strong and em tags

strong and em are two of the often overlooked search engine helpers. Search engines believe that if you will bold or italic using these special tags, then that term must be really pertinent. You make a word strong, by using <strong>strong tags</strong> to wrap whatever you want to be stronged. Emphasis works the same way use <em>em tags</em> to wrap words you want emphasized.

Keywords in Summaries

Summaries help search engines, but they also help the visually impaired. You can put summaries in every table and you should. The html source code for this secret is: <table summary="put some keywords here">.

Keywords in Titles

Titles, like the kind that go into links, are effective in boosting the keyword relevance of links. Titles also help the visually impaired, and are a good idea. The html source code for this secret is: <a title="put your title here" href="http://example.com">link text here</a>.

Keywords in Subheaders

Subheaders serve two main purposes. They break up the flow of text, making it more likely to be read. Subheaders also allow you another opportunity to place search engine words in a high scoring area. Read More.

Put Text in Paragraphs

Sometimes you'll find that web site designers do not use the paragraph tag. This is unfortunate because search engines look for this tag when they count keywords. It is a simple matter to add a <p> tag before every paragraph and end it with </p>.

Do not Use Frames

Search engines do not particularly hate frames, but very few framed sites are listed in search engines. While it is possible to rank a framed site, there are many problems to overcome and the effort is simply not worth it. Stay away from frames!

host names

Host names are the part of a domain name that goes before the actual domain name. For example http://internet-marketing.digitalcrunch.com is a hostname that we use. "internet-marketing" is the hostname on the domain "digitalcrunch.com" If you are the owner of a domain, you can put anything you want for a hostname, and you can have as many hostnames as you want! Search engines usually view these different hostnames as completely different websites too, so you can be listed multiple times in their databases.

mirror sites

A mirror site is a website that has basically the same content as the original site. Usually one owner makes two websites, advertises them differently and links them together. Search engines give a big boost for links, and this strategy is often very successful. Be careful not to make sites without content though, you'll get penalized for trying to trick the search engines. Here is an example of a good mirror site that gets a total of almost 80,000 unique visitors per month: ninja-weapons.com and martialartsgear.com.

Age of Website

The age of a website determines the popularity and score too. The older a website is, the more likely you have expert knowledge of that subject, or at least that is the logic the search engines tend to use. However, see the next trick.

Last Updated

If your page hasn't been updated in a long time, it is likely that the page is outdated and abandoned, with dead links. It is good to modify your pages often, update and update the content. Search engines want to see that the page has changed by at least 1000 characters, so simply changing a few words around won't do the trick!

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